5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Christmas (even if you're not Christian)

5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Christmas (even if you're not Christian)
5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Christmas (even if you're not Christian)

The time waiting for Christmas is a constant increasing of lights, smiles, food&drinks, gifts, in a kind of loop.

However, despite the "warm mood", Christmas time is not exactly the most relaxing time of the year for many of us.
Instead, it's a source of authentic anxiety and stress, especially because this important date lost its values for the majority.
In other words, we start to run faster and faster, even if we don't know why (except to buy gifts to prove how much we love family and friends).

Honestly, I didn't love Christmas when I was a young teenager.
I didn't know why but Christmas time brings a sort of block and conflicts in me because I sew just un-meaningful stress, crazy-shopping dictates and false smiles during that time. 

Fortunately, I discover a new perspective about Christmas (and Christian Holidays in general) even if my spiritual nature is still about the same.

Here're my 5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Christmas (even if I'm not Christian)


Placing people at the center of your universe when you're speaking to them is the best gift for everyone and it doesn't cost any money.
When we sincerely care about other people situation and everything we generate is compassion and opened vibes, magic things can happen!
You can discover unexpected connections with who you consider "opposite" to you, or you have the chance to learn specific things you need for example.

+plus, the best part is that you also discover to be more relaxed and centered than you can imagine.


Christmas is also the day when you speak to people you never see during the rest of the year.

They have probably different perspectives, attitudes, and visions and the main instinct is judging these people in your head when you talking to them.


If you do that, you're limiting your mind, proving your own insecurity to yourself.


Think about it: you don't need to build a wall to stay on your own Land and keep to walk on your own path.
Instead, being able to know different perspective is a tool you should use to reinforce our unique way.

+plus, judging brings negative feelings and limit your mind. It's not what you want for you!


if you have a home, food, and drinks during Christmas, you are extremely fortunate.


Many people, even in our own Country, are homeless, or they don't have food for themselves and family.

Find the time to say "Thank You" to the Universe or to your Good is one of the vital tools to enjoy your Christmas consciously!


Authentic Love for others, especially family and friends, is an Universal Value. When celebrate this Love is not so important than the Why.


+plus: choosing to walk your own path in a conscious way, not let you drug here and there from others, is one of the main sign of intelligence.
It doesn't necessarily mean staying lonely eating a soup!
Taking the chance to grow your spirit with an open heart, compassion, and Love with other people is huge to know better not just other people, but also yourself.


when you wait for Christmas everything around you is warmer, more vibrating, more colorful than ever during the winter, it's s fact.
Nobody knows the "why"?
Who cares!

Learning to bring these positive vibrational energies inside yourself is an excellent move for your health.
Forget about the why and embrace this unique moment at your own term in an authentic way.

**plus: Yule celebration is a very ancient tradition, in fact, the first Winter Solstice Celebration dates back to the Neolithic period! It was not "the day of Christmas," however, is there something in our DNA that call us to stay close to each other and warmer.

Need a boost to go deeper into the Christmas mood with no stress?

Crystals are always the way to choose any time you want to align yourself better with specific skills, attitudes or vibrations and Christmas time is not an exception.
Rose Quartz is an excellent tool that really supports you towards the way of pure Love and Compassion. Rose Quartz awake the Love of the Wise Mother reliving stress and bringing relax to heart and mind.

Now I'm curious: How do you live the Christmas coming? :)

Which is your best tool to embrace the warm spirit of these days without bring stress and a sense of rush?


Thank you so much,




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