How an ordinary lady reconnected with her mission + 3 key life lessons she learned

How an ordinary lady reconnected with her mission + 3 key life lessons she learned

I’m so excited for today’s post because I came back to one of the first loves of my life after several years and I'm thrilled to share it with you!

Sometimes when you meet your first love, you don’t realize it immediately.
When I was a child-from about 5 to 9-my parents and I used to go to the mountains during summer holidays.

There are some amazing mountain ranges with breathtaking landscapes not far from our home in Italy, so we used to spend a lot of time exploring them. There I met one of the first loves of my life, rocks.

I didn’t know why but I was attracted to all kinds of stones and always brought them home.
My bedroom was full of crystals, fossils and many other unclassified and seemingly mysterious stones and rocks. I never asked myself why I was doing that because I was a child following my intuition without any specific goal.

Several years later I got to know that many other people shared my passion.
I nourished my love for rocks until I was 33 and after that my job, daily responsibilities and the rush of the city life brought me back to earth and set me apart from my passion for about 5 years.

After full time job as an art director became even busier and crazier, I quit it to start Giardinoblu. At that point the rush was getting even worse and entrepreneurial life even more challenging. To be honest, I started feeling that I was forgetting my roots, although I didn’t fully realize that at the time.

Backache, headache and anxiety started following me everywhere and they’ve been especially unapologetic during the last couple of years.

Let me clarify something: being a solo entrepreneur is absolutely exciting, I would never trade it to a nine-to-five…but it’s extremely challenging and hard as well.
The best part of my job is that if I want to grow up and give my best to other people every single day (and I truly do), I have to grow every single day.

And that’s the point: if you want to give your BEST, you have to know what is really important for you and why.
Then you can share it with your community and clients. 

For several years I lost my why in the mess that my life was at the time. The day I decided to reconnect with my inner voice, it spokes to me about stones, crystals and undergrowth.
After that I spent the whole weekend crying and thanking it for finally helping me find my true self.

I reconnected with the energy of my stones and crystals, continued with regular yoga classes and meditation sessions and started working on a new jewelry collection to celebrate the vital connection with the unbreakable and precious gift that every one of us has within.

When the new pieces were ready but not officially launched, I posted some pictures of them on Instagram and Facebook. Right away, many of my clients emailed me asking if they could order the crystals.

I believe that the instant success of my new collection not only had to do with the jewelry itself but also with my new mindset.

Here are the 3 Key Lessons I learned from five years of mess:

Keep your map with you

Getting away from your gift, your center of whatever you call it means losing your own inner map.
You can’t find your direction without your map, no matter your efforts. However, we’re human and it can happen. If you catch yourself in that position, the key is to step back, free your mind and try to find your path again. Wearing crystals can help you with that in so many ways, and I can’t wait to tell you about all of them in my future posts!

You can make amazing things happen

Sometimes when you part ways with something, you tell yourself you can’t come back to it anymore. It could be true when nothing is missing in your heart.
But sometimes it’s not like that. Usually you don’t step back just because you’re scared. Afraid to be judged, express your real self or simply change the state of things. I know that from my own experience and let me tell you for sure that if you sometimes just say yes and see what happens, you could find something fulfilling again.

The Universe wants you to be happy

The funny part is that even if you hide and forget about your gifts it will always whisper to you from your heart. Sometimes you’ll barely hear it but it will still be there waiting for you.

Your gift has its own intelligence. It trusts you, believes in you, it doesn’t care about time because you’re created to be happy and live to the fullest, and it knows that.

Now each jewelry that I make, each post that I write, and every decision about what I want to do in my life comes from the bottom of my heart, no matter the possible outcome. With jewelry, I never think whether I would get more sales.
Instead, I just follow my passion because it’s my way to make the world a better place with consciousness.

Each of my jewel is created with a specific intention: let your own light free and stay connected with your inner gift and dream. 

Now, I want to hear from you!

Did you ever have a similar experience,
or do you feel that something is missed in your heart now? What is missed?

And if not, how do you reconnect your body/mind with
your inner self every day?

Write your comment here below, your experience is really+really precious and essential to bring even more light and healing to the world.

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  • Umut Akti: September 23, 2021

    Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful insight regarding the direction of life.
    I, as a junior electronics engineering and a novice scientist, had a hard time while determining my field of expertise and research. Later on, I trusted life and its flow. When slowed down and connected to my body and the universe, step by step I was guided to the field I’m needed most.
    My worst fear about this topic was walking the wrong road only to realize that I spent my time and youth for nothing. Nevertheless, trusting the process helped me handle the situation. I hope that people will attune to their essence and the universe, transforming the planet to heaven, together. There is no need to fear.

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