3 Basic Steps to Enhance your Vibes with Healing Jewelry

3 Basic Steps to Enhance your Vibes with Healing Jewelry

Wearing Healing Jewelry help us to stay focused on our purposes and balance our energy points ( Chakras ) through the body on day to day basis.

However, this is not the only way to enhance our positive vibes with Healing Jewelry, in fact they can support us in some different ways.

When we're ready, we can experience different practices that spark our spiritual journey by wearing Healing Jewelry.


We can use Crystal Jewel as a special key to open up the doors of our temple and listen ouself more.


The best way to do that is including Healing Jewelry in your meditation practice to boost your "listening" skill.

Here's everything you need:

• YOUR FULL PRESENCE: being present at the moment gives you the ability to focus on what you’re living, so you’re able to give your best to the word and yourself.
Presence is the essential tool to live fully and consciously decreasing stress and anxiety.

• A FEW MINUTES: I can't say exactly how much time you need because it's different for every one of us. The crucial thing is not "how much time", instead "how intense is your presence".

Time is the biggest luxury good today, that's why living consciously, is the way to live a rich spiritual life. 

A JEWEL THAT SPARKS JOY IN YOU: you don’t have to buy anything, do this test with something that you already have.

If you don’t have a specific jewel that vibrates high for you, any other kind of object is great!
Just make sure that what you choose inspires openness and joy in you.

Are you ready? Here's how to do:

First and foremost, take your jewel (or any other favorite object), find a comfortable seat and remove any distraction. You can sit in a meditative position or lie down.
You can also sit on a chair with your soles firmly on the ground.

Breathe consciously: breathe in (swollen belly) and breathe out (deflates the belly).
Gently, without forcing it.


Repeat for three times.

Close your eyes, if you want.

STEP 1 - Recognize and feel it

Simply feel the tangible presence of the object on your skin.

You can keep it in the palm of your hand, or also on your third eye if it’s comfortable for you.

Feel the pressure of the surface on your skin, each millimeter of it.

You created a deep connection with your unique jewel.

STEP 2 - Create the channel and expand the vibe

Your breath is like the wave of the Ocean.
Your energy reaches the center of your object when you breathe out and then reaches your center when you breathe in.

Just visualize picking the positive and make it slide to your core when you breathe in.
Come back to your jewel when you breathe out. You have just created the channel.


Now we’re going to expand it.

Close your eyes and try to visualize colors, shapes or any other factor that attracts you pretending to be inside of your jewel.

Breathe everything that makes you well.

STEP 3 – Take care of the precious vibe

Now you know the positive vibes of your jewel because you have experienced them.

This energy protects your aura and gives you more strength and balance every time you wear your unique jewel or not.

You can come back to your jewel when you want or need.

That's it! And the more you practice, the more you feel your vibes will become stronger, more and more bright, positive and protective.


Just one note before I wrap up:
in this practice, we experience the other way we can use breathing as primary tool to live a more meaningful life.

Breathing is truly the ever handing cure that everyone can take in every moment during the whole course of life. I'm obsessive grateful for this magic gift that can change the intere perception about how we see ourself and the world.


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