3 Levels of Awareness you should go though to find your jewelry style

3 Levels of Awareness you should go though to find your jewelry style

Hello hello!  I’m, Francesca Mancini, spiritual jewelry artist and Chief Visionary Officer at Giardinoblu Jewelry Milan.

I’m quite excited for this first episode!!...So let’s dive in...

First and foremost, what pushed me to create a new blog? There are not enough blog out there?

Well, hell no! 
I mean, I’m an artist, a free thinker and creative entrepreneur I worked for 15 years as Art Director in advertising field for many Company and as freelancer. I loved my job…at one hand… at the other hand I didn’t like it because of the foundation of it.
I mean, every day I had to find new ways and new strategies to sell something that people may didn’t need or want.

We live in a time full of “non sense products”, I call them “empty products”.

Despite the "be yourself mindset campaigns" that the biggest brands make on surface, actually these products, defines us as “masses” with the same personality, attitudes, visions, inspirations…you can see that especially in fashion, so we’re bombard from jewelry, cloths, any kind of accessories … these are the choices of the market, not yours …I don’t like that, it doesn’t sound healthy to me.

I know that you’re unique, that your journey if full of beautiful mystery and that YOU are the only one who can understand your identity and make it tangible with your look, your style.

I started this blog because I see that most of the people think that jewelry is just about fashion, look or anyhow something OUTside of yourself…and honestly, I think it’s quite the opposite.

Jewelry say much more about your inner side than anything else in look and in this journey I wanna call you to be more needy and listen more your self before buying something, especially jewelry.

Let’s walk though 3 levels of awareness together, so I can give you the picture on why and how wearing jewelry actually effects on you much more deeper than fashion, look or any other “outside of you” aspect.


Let’s make a quick test to get better to this point:
Close your eyes and imagine wearing your favorite jewel, the one you love the most, right?
So, probably you don’t know why you love it, you just love it, you’re comfortable with it and you’re feeling great! That’s it!
But the true is that you’re feeling at best because that jewel is probably shaping exactly who you are at your eyes and you’re recognizing “your spirit” in it.

Your favorite jewel is the mirror of your inner self, even if you can’t explain that.

That’s the first thing you have to be conscious when you choose to wear a jewel. 

SECOND LEVEL: the vibes

After considering how jewelry create your own image or how you want to see you (so material world affects your unconscious mind) you have to consider “how jewelry could affect on your vibes”, meaning on your spiritual level and why it’s important knowing that.
I’m going to show you that now:

Every shape, color or design literally speaks to you at emotional and spiritual level by using complex signifying systems, that we call “vibrations” because they vibrate in you and you feel that.

These vibrations go though your body, giving you the meaning that we called “feelings”or “emotions”. That is the meaning that you get from the chat with that particular “shape, color or design.
You don’t have to explain the feeling, it’s too complex and you don’t need that neither, your body knows.

There’s a kind of “supreme intelligence” in this process, all this happens in just a thousandth of a second, it’s a super flash, but extremely deep chat. 

THIRD LEVEL: beauty and well-being

We sew that everything vibrates in us, but there’s something that has a huge rule here. Guess what?...jewelry!

Think about it, jewelry are on your skin all day long, you take decisions wearing them, you find solutions, choose the best worlds to create relationships, you face your daily challenges and you want to be the best version of yourself, because it’s what you do everyday. 

But giving your best to other, means to be at best.
And be at best means drink much water, do your meditation, enjoy your clean breakfast, be grateful, dance a bit, breath deeply, you know what you need to share your light with open heart and trust. You’re the biggest, magic and more mysterious temple of all time, the only girl who has the key for every door is you.

I want you to love and trust yourself more, and I really encourage you to use also jewelry as a powerful tool in your journey of growing, and I created this blog to show you how.

I’m here to open up the doors of our temple together, listen, dance in each room and find the best tools to make the light shine more than ever and create new beauty to share to our Planet.
It will be a deep, fun and I hope helpful journey for you and for me, it’s not a one way chat, I also have so much to learn.

This is not a tangible map, of course what you’ll hear comes from my perspective, but I’m not special, so I think many of you feel my visions as I do.

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And now I wanna hear from you:
Which is your favorite jewel to wear? 
What are the suggestions and feelings that it inspires in you? 

Make sure to let me know about these questions in the comment below or via social media channels! 

See you next week!



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