Crystal Guide | October 2021

Crystal Guide | October 2021

If you turned your glance back to the last two years, how many things you had learned?

If you were the hero of a novel, how many new tools have you gather in your belt over the last few pages?


What you've been living is the most profound and fast shift in consciousness you have ever experienced in life. It was, and it still is, emotionally and physically challenging, especially for these ones who cannot enjoy the places they love anymore, for those who lost their jobs or have to make changes in their relationships.


For millions, the day-to-day journey is still a rollercoaster of emotions.

Our energetic areas are under pressure and overstimulated at different levels. You may rapidly shift from easiness to stress and tension in a few minutes; you may experience blocks that manifest themselves as stomach aches, headaches, muscle tightness, or bad sleep, just to mention the most common signs.


Then, a few days are necessary to allow the excessive charge in energy to flow throughout our body, liberating the block and reestablishing a nice overall balance.


This process, even in challenging, is an inextricable part of the massive shift in consciousness we're facing.


We're re-learning to deal with our energy, reestablishing a connection with our body, listen to our emotions and senses, and we're creating new and more genuine connections with other humans; while other relationships are over or mutated by healthy boundaries.


We're doing a complex and deep job.

If your body is responding by seating you on an emotional rollercoaster, it's part of this process of changing, and it's totally ok.

However, you have to be aware that you need to allow all these emotions (energies) to flow throughout your body, not gripping them.

This prevents blocks, misalignments, and lack of grounding, supporting you in easily solving the daily tasks and maintaining the energy, focus, and stamina you need to stay healthy and vital, ready for the next step.


That's why I encourage you, over this month of October, to work with a frequency that specifically promotes the overall energy flow encouraging vertical alignment and stability.

Its crystal frequency stimulates all the main Chakras, especially the twos on the opposite side of the spectrum, from the deepest of the Earth (Root Chakra) to the Wisdom of the Universe (Soul Star Chakra). It's Gold Obsidian.


Gold Obsidian teaches you how to be strong in the transformation and over every time of transition.


It guides you from the darkness of your deepest Roots, providing calm and stability to the golden light of the stars, teaching how to embrace your own transformation without preventing it, opening yourself to spontaneity and inspiration.