Over the last days, assisting and working with many people who asked me for some support to more safely navigate this time of their life with the help of crystals, I noticed a common pattern in many of their routes.

Getting to a new summer, after another year of social-political tensions for many countries, most of us need to come back to their safe, joyful place called body, allowing themselves to recognize and embrace all emotions and messages that come in.


Our bodies are craving contact with other humans; we want to laugh together, rediscovering the primary source of healing: interaction and exchange with other human fellows, with kids and animals.

It is by interacting with other living beings that we affirm our presence and existence in this world.

We're designed to heal our souls and our bodies by sharing who we are. And now, as a collective, we're realizing how this need has always been vital and not an option.

However, the long time of restrictions and a world in rapid change seemed to blur the joy of being with others hiding it under a veil - less or more perceived - of tension that separates us not only from others but also from ourselves, and from our needs.

This is the time to see these needs and the passion that resides in you and that deserves and demands to be seen, heard, and liberated.

That's why this month, I invite you to work with the Crystal that might better express the joy of living, Sunstone.

The tonic frequency of Sunstone brings strength and warmth to the emotional body. 

It spreads its light energy to every direction, awakening the joy of living and reestablishing a healthy contact with pleasure and sensuality.

Sunstone brings warm and joyful light to your days, especially if you're facing a moment of sadness, apathy, or melancholy.


Sunstone is a helpful teacher for everyone who needs to get over a tough situation with low morale, loneliness, or sadness.

Sunstone also assists you in awakening your unique sense of creativity with spontaneity, lightness, and joy.
It supports you in getting your smile back and discovering a new and more authentic way to share your energy with spontaneity and maturity.

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