Many of us live in a world that it's hard to recognize, daily facing what they thought was impossible to happen.


Sometimes we find ourselves astonished witnessing human behaviors that arise from such smoky shadows we have never seen before. It is right from these shadows that we've been learning so much so far.


It was a challenging year for millions and what they want us to see at the horizon is not brighter, yet we know that this cannot be a case, yet we still hear a voice inside our soul that says that everything is perfect as it is.


But how acts of violence, abuses, lies, and manipulations can be perfect?
How can we find the resources to trustfully navigate the now moment keep thriving and expanding our own being courageously and with the peace in the Heart?


Sadness, doubts, and sorrow are part of human experience, or better, are key to stepping into a new state of consciousness that this historical time demands.


However, in the journey of being aware of our energetic-emotional state towards the Self, we know that it is in sadness that our energetic field loses consistency, becoming vanished and disaggregate.

Experiencing this disaggregation at the energetic-emotional level is part of the human experience. However, perpetuating this state for too long may be destructive for the entire system, and we're not designed (like the Universe is) to destroy ourselves.


We're designed to renew, change and thrive, and the way to find the resources to learn how to make it happen is by solidifying and grounding our energy field. That way we avert energetic disintegration (which is sorrow and despair), supporting courage and trust.


This month I recommend working with one of the densest frequencies of the entire crystal kingdom, Malachite.


Malachite is a master in repositioning the vertical axis at the center, which means more grounding, strength, flexibility, and a solid sense of presence in your own Self stabilizing the balance.

Malachite is extremely precious every time we're destabilized by our own or other's people emotions or we tend to disperse our resources to find the center.

The distinctive frequency raised by Malachite anchors the Heart preserving it from outer influences that may destabilize the system, solidifying and balancing the entire field.

By doing that, Malachite stimulates the activation of your own natural ability to heal yourself from the inside, at the energetic level.


By working with Malachite you'll see that you gain a more accurate sense of what is real and of your own energy, that way, you'll learn to give and receive more wisely, further solidifying healthy boundaries if necessary.


The awareness at the cardiac level that Malachite supports mitigates emotional turbulences guiding you to find the center of the Heart (which is peace and serenity) always present regardless of traumas.

I wish you a wonderful continuation over the most mysterious, enrichment and bright journey of transformation, which is your life.

and start to meaningful and intentionally shift your frequency