Now that some of the illusions we were flooded into are revelated, we're walking fast toward the Self, and we had never learned so many things so rapidly.

But, still, there're so many miles to walk. So many of us are still looking for values such as honesty, truth, coherence, courage, dignity, and compassion outside of oneself.

Even if we know we need to incarnate these values first and then expect to see these outer, we're still stuck in the old behavioral pattern; we use analyzing these values with the mind instead of incarnating them into our presence.

That way, we do not allow us to liberate the radiance of a delicate energetic area, the Throat Chakra, compensating its block with an extra activity of the Third Eye frontward.

We imagine a new world instead of being it; I think about how I should be instead of who I am. Here's what a block of the Throat and an excess of the third eye frontward combining looks like.

To give the Throat Chakra its space and competence back, we have to realize what guides us to find refuge in the world of ideas and stories by hiding our truth, mission, and the manifestation of the raw Self.

Even if many of us hear the voice of the Self that suggests to show up, there's still something that blocks our actions. We're still stuck in fear of judgment and the worry of not being accepted by others. It's how many of us lost one's mission in other's people approval.

That's why over this month of February, I invite you to explore and open your blue space, your fifth Chakra re-discovering your presence, your mission, and unicity in co-creation with the world.

This month I invite you to come back to your space of truth, bringing coherence between thoughts and actions by wearing one of the most fascinating and intense crystals on the planet, Aquamarine.

With Aquamarine the what is whispered to your higher Self finds the space to be delivered.

Aquamarine creates an intense light at the level of the Throat Chakra, facilitating stagnant emotions releasing and the expantion of the auric field in every direction as every beryl does.

Aquamarine supports us in listening to other people's needs, always respecting our true Self, needs and dignity.
Wearing Aquamarine allows us to bring clarity to one's inner truth and communicate it with confidence, and coherence.

With Aquamarine, we quit hiding behind a sense of impotence, we accept the responsibility for what we want, and we learn to demonstrate the quality of our thoughts, choices, and action recognizing the need to express our own truth.

Aquamarine is a wonderful guide for those who think that swalling one's truth is always a wise choice, for those who think people don't listen to them and no one can understand what they feel or need.

and be proud to manifest you