Crystal Guide | November 2021

Crystal Guide | November 2021

Some evolutionary moments in life are not designed to be controlled or planned; when we find ourselves in front of one of these; committing ourselves to change them is a waste of time and energy. We know we need to act differently, yet we don't know how to do it.


Then, we equip ourselves with different kinds of emotional resistances in order to conquer the change. However, the outcome we have is a higher level of tension that starts growing in a sort of a loop.The more we resist the change, the more we're trapped and tight into it.


When it happens, you may think the situation you're facing is an impassable mountain.


You frequently experience anger, tensions in different parts of the body that may evolve into gut or stomach issues, insomnia, high blood pressure, and dizziness.


The only option we see to overcome this moment of radical change would be changing it by snapping fingers.Yet, it's impossible.


If the outer world cannot change, we'll change; the core of this shift has to be inside ourselves.
By doing that, we're going to create a new, wider and more comfortable, energetic space inside of ourselves. We'll evolve in consciousness.


We're called to realign the body accordingly with the evolutionary dimension of the self.
This requires multiple shifts in the energetic body; that's why we need a frequency that shows us how to navigate this moment on a physical and spiritual plane.


If what you've heard so far resonates with the moment you're going through, I suggest you integrate Atlantisite into your holistic journey.


Atlantisite is an uncommon stone, a natural mix of two different stones, Serpentino and Stichtite.

The signature vibe of this stone works on different levels.
The green areas (Serpentino) show how to digest heavy emotions stuck at the stomach level by providing the information we need to understand that we can make these emotions flow within us allow them to be  released. We'll do that by creating a space of trust and joy we never imagined. This stone will assists us in the process.


The purple areas (Stichtite) reveal that we not only can integrate these heavy emotions, but we're also ready to do that.

By working with Atlantisite, we find support in taking advantage of the challenges that life has to offer instead of being scared or resisting them.


No matter how big this challenge is, how much it drains your energy or overwhelms your senses, your body provides everything you need, not just to navigate this moment maintaining alignment, but also to become stronger increasing vitality and presence.