Crystal Guide | September 2021

Crystal Guide | September 2021

*Note: Because of the massive change is occurring right now globally, this is not for everyone. In case you feel by reading this article that for some reasons it's not for you, please close this page.
Your time is one of the highest resources you have, use it consciously.

After introducing in their life new paradigms, behaviors, and protocols with the purpose to come back to the "normal", millions of us still find themselves locked into the same narrative that, louder and louder, reduce the perception of their territory, their freedoms, and rights without giving a vision about how to get rid to all of it.


Now, millions find themselves forced to take actions against their will if they want to keep their job and their lives.

They find themselves in front of a choice that seems to have no alternatives, despite their will and rights.

Many of us right now are frozen by fear, subjected to an external authority, which is the only one that can approve their actions, thoughts and beliefs before they show them up.


The more the external authority gets louder, the more we think we have no choice other than restrict and stuck our energy in order to protect ourselves.


This is part of the illusion we are going to dissolve over the next months.


More and more humans every day recognize the abusive relationship they've been living; that is the first miraculous step for the awakening. However, they do not know what to do. They frequently fall into sadness, depression, fear, or on the opposite, anxiety and panic.


They need to not just see the abusive relationship but also, and most importantly, see and claim their own power, dispelling the cage as snow under the sun.


If this resonates with you in some way, I encourage you to support your body in vigorously moving its natural energy, experiencing its vitality, energy and power again.


If you feel stuck, with no choices, your doubts and worries froze your body, blocking your energy and your action making you feel sad, anxious or depleted;  if you're up to giving up because you think you're alone, too less influent to compete, I suggest you work with Pyrite.

Pyrite Neckalce

The composition, almost totally iron, and the crystalline structure of Pyrite, cubic, guide us to a pragmatic sense of the real; but what makes the frequency of Pyrite so unique is the presence of sulfur and its color.


Soulful and gold color combining brings vigor, and optimism at the level of the Solar Plexus, right where the ego dwells.


By working with Pyrite, we learn to honor our will by dispelling doubts and worries and taking action. We find tonic support in recognizing our real potential and to act accordingly with it embracing trust and positivity.

Pyrite leads us to explore our territory and our power, which is always accessible within us. We just need to reclaim our sovereignty.

It's also extremely helpful in figuring out how to make our actions more effective, instilling more confidence and tonic energy.


Pyrite empowers yourself in living a courageous and joyful life on your own terms, respecting other people's spaces and will.

Pyrite Necklace - One of a Kind
Pyrite Band Ring - One of a Kind
Pyrite Statement Ring - One of a Kind

Caution: Pyrite has strong and sharped energy. Meditating with it or wearing it for just a few days every time we need it may be enough to encourage a healthy flow. Be responsible for your own energy.