service update on COVID-19 shutdown

On March 11 a new decree by Italian Government declared total shutdown,  except for primary services for winning COVID-19. 

What does it means to you, if you found the crystal creature that calls your heart on and you want to wear it?

Over this time, our e-commerce site is still active and you can book your order when you want, as usual.

Here's what changes:

• Every ready to wear creatures gets to you within five business days Worldwide, of course shipping is still free, as usual.

How to know if the jewel I love is ready to wear?

Sure, it's easy! Go to, choose SHOP BY DESIGN, and then click on READY TO WEAR, as you see in the image here below.
If you find the jewel you want over these pages it means that it will get to you within five business days Worldwide from the day you order it.

If your creature is a ring, note that the size you see on the page of the product is the size you get. 
If you need a different size, you can still book your order and if will be on our benches from May 3.

If the crystal creature you need is not in the ready to wear page, I still recommend you to book your order because every piece is limited. It will be on our benches from April 13, 2020.

If you have questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to reach me out via email (info at, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, or by using the form below. 

I’ll get back within 24 hours or less, as usual.


Our e-commerce shop is still active and UPS still guarantees worldwide delivery, as usual.