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Stone On the White Background

The Bronzite Ring is your compassionate guide, empowering you to define and protect your emotional territory with clarity and grace.

***Every piece of jewelry is unique and one of a kind. You'll receive a ring similar to the one you see on this page. Choose the stone that catches your heart most by scrolling through the images on this page.

• Defining Energetic Boundaries: Bronzite gently guides you to define, affirm, and reclaim your energetic territory, shielding you from invasive influences and preserving your vital energy. Its compassionate embrace reminds you of your worthiness, encouraging you to prioritize your well-being and protect your inner sanctuary.

• Empowering Assertiveness: With Bronzite as your ally, you find the courage and clarity to say "No" when necessary, asserting your boundaries with confidence and compassion. It becomes a gentle reminder that setting boundaries is an act of self-care, allowing you to honor your needs and protect your energy reserves.

• Elevating Self-Confidence and Charisma: The Bronzite ring symbolizes empowerment, elevating your self-confidence and charisma to new heights. With its supportive energy, you are stepping into a more stable and balanced state, embracing your true essence with authenticity and grace.

• Inspiring Action and Overcoming Procrastination: Bronzite is a guiding light in overcoming procrastination and embracing action. Its gentle encouragement nudges you forward, inspiring you to pursue your goals with determination and purpose. Let its compassionate energy infuse you with motivation and drive, propelling you towards your dreams with unwavering resolve.

RELATED CHAKRA: Solar Plexus (3°Chakra), Sacral and Root Chakra.

MATERIALS AND FINISHING: nickel-free bronze and bronze.

TIMING: this creature needs 15 business days of manufacturing, and it gets to you in five business days worldwide. Express Shipping is Free worldwide.

NAME: Every Giardinoblu piece of jewelry is a living creature. This is Latika.

SIZE: size 15,5IT - 7US is ready to ship.
If you need a different size, add a note including your ring size when you place the order. We'll have the pleasure of realizing your creature at your perfect size.

PACKAGING: every creature gets to you in a charming and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a special gift for your best friend or yourself. Like every Giardinbolu Jewelry, this ring is 100% handcrafted by local and expert goldsmiths in Italy.

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