Nuummite (from Greenland) Bracelet

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Charm Metal Bronze

Nuummite bracelet assists you in recognizing your multidimensional reality, draining past-life and karmic debts out of the physical and emotional body dissolving toxic ingrained patterns maintaining stability and connection with the Earth.

Every piece is one of a kind.


• Nuummite teaches how to recognize your multidimensional reality raising the quality of communication with higher frequencies maintaining stability and connection with the Earth.

• The unique frequency of Nuummite allows you to strongly enhance intuition and vision, building a solid bridge between etheric and physical reality.

• Working with Nuummite allows you to go beyond your consciousness melting the fear of getting lost.

RELATED CHAKRA: Stellar Gateway (transpersonal, over the Crown, is the cosmic doorway to other worlds), Crown (7° Chakra) and Chakra Bordeaux (transpersonal, between the two knees).

MATERIALS AND FINISHING:  elastic bracelet with Nuummite from Greenland,
you can choose the metal for charm: 
• Sterling Silver is the metal of the feminine energy, it carries the energy of the Moon. Silver supports imagination and creativity and intuition, establishing a strong connection with the past, present, and future. Silver helps to share and express emotions and feelings supporting friendship and compassion.
• Bronze is a metal alloy made of copper and pond. Copper stimulates dreamlike activity and the raising of the whole worlds of unconscious images, symbols included. It also helps to let the emotions and feelings free without repressing them.
Pond stimulates brain activity and contributes to calm emotions. It helps to enhance enthusiasm, trust and the courage to facing everyday challenges supporting the rising of your inner gifts and talents.

TIMING: you get this creature within 15 business days worldwide after purchase. Express Shipping is free Worldwide.

PACKAGING: every Crystal Healing Jewel gets to you in a charming and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a special gift for your best friend or for yourself. 

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