Private Crystal Consultation - Awareness Journey

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There are thousands of Crystals and Gemstones on Planet.
How to figure out the best one in this particular moment of your life?

I'm honored to help.

What you get from this consultation:

The reason your body/consciousness can't fluently and fully handle telluric and cosmic energy and what holds you back from manifesting your full potential. 

You know which Chakras you need to balance by consulting the diagram that shows the irradiation of each of your main Chakras back and front. 

YOUR KEY CRYSTAL (one or more if necessary) 
You get one or more Crystals that encourage you to make the next significant steps to evolve and manifest what you want and need in life. 

The Complementary Crystal is able to close and complete the harmony of the Key Crystals. 

The Compendium Crystal is the Crystal or the Stone you should work with for just a few hours per day when you're sleeping, you're meditating, or when you're having breakfast by drinking it as an elixir, for example. 

HOW YOU SHOULD WORK WITH EACH OF YOUR STONES to get the maximum result fast.

Wearing Crystals without taking action is usually not enough to radically shift your journey, especially if you need to heal deep wounds.
In these sections, I suggest the meaningful activities you should integrate into your daily life to boost your transformation.

This package doesn't include crystals pebbles or jewels.

How it works:

As soon as you book your consultation, you'll receive an email with a quick and simple form with 
the Color Resonance Test: it's precious to determine the frequency of your body/consciousness) and a few questions. 
just a few questions: I need to hear your voice, even in writing, to know your needs and the symptoms of your blocks.

When I get your answers, I personally complete your consulting with the Channeling at a distance that allows me to verify and figure out the status of your current energy field and know which stones or crystals can help you the most in this particular time of your life. 
Channeling is vital because many stones seem good because of their metaphysical properties, but each of them actually vibes differently, and plus your body vibes in a unique frequency. 
I need to know which Crystal or Stone has the right resonance to melt your blocks on each weak Chakra creating new spaces for releasing, shifting, and progress.

I will send you your private Crystal Consultation report directly in your inbox as a pdf file within 48 business hours.
This consultation doesn't include Crystals specimens or jewels.

** Crystals can never replace the prescription of your Doctor. Make sure to use Crystals and Stones only as a supplement to your medical prescriptions.**

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