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Why you should use feelings to pump your Super Power?

Posted on November 15 2016

Last week we saw how jewelry speaks and how it use shapes, colors and touches to actually communicate with us. I know that last week I promised to show you “how to listen something that vibrates very high for you” but I missed a very important step, the “why”, which is the most important thing, ever.

Today I’m going to show you why growing your listening skill is so important to expand your soul in a healing way.

img_3505Nowadays, we’re constantly overwhelmed by images, voices, sounds; our senses are over stressed. On the other hand, we can’t listen to everything; all the information is too much of a burden for our conscious body/mind. That’s why we have learned to walk past without listening and this has become a habit that brings stress and anxiety. We don’t set one of our main powers free: empathy.

But the good new is that women are natural empathy teachers.

Experiencing empathy means understand different lives, expanding and enriching our body/mind with new feelings and meanings. And yes, you can experience empathy with anything you want, not just with people; think about a piece of art for example!

Have you never been one of the prophets of the Sistine Chapel or a star in a Van Gogh’s night? Or maybe you have been the whole piece, not just a single portion, haven’t you?
That’s why you can feel better than others. I know that sometimes it’s nice and sometimes it’s not, but that’s because we just have to master our super powers, like every super hero does! Everything in this universe has a dark and a light side, we just have to build and grow a bright path where everything we love can run free in order to expand it.

Why is building a lightly way and listening more to what “makes you feel good ”actually “good for you”?
Because what we love affects 3 basic levels of personal wellbeing:

Mental Wellness

you feel that your mind expands immediately when you touch, see or smell something that you love. Thoughts are formed more easily and you are able to translate them into words with enthusiasm, thus freeing your real "you".

Physical Wellness

when you touch something that you love you feel your shoulders more relaxed. The breathing is deeper and light.

Spiritual Wellness

everything that happens on a mental and physical level affects your spiritual wellness. The mind and body enjoy the experience and extract an “essence” out of it. Then, they give this “essence” to the spirit that stores it in the depth of our soul and memory.

So, is there something that vibrates high for you?

Something that you have seen or touched, perhaps? How did you feel, even just for an instant?

Now imagine what that moment would become if you expanded it and grew it.

That’s what we’ll do together next week ;)

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