3 Steps to Find and Pump your Superpower by Listening to your Feelings

3 Steps to Find and Pump your Superpower by Listening to your Feelings

Nowadays, we’re constantly overwhelmed by images, voices, sounds; our senses are over stressed.

On the other hand, we can’t listen to everything; all the information is too much of a burden on our conscious body/mind.

That’s why we have learned to walk past without listening, but doing that we blind two  of our main powers: sensitivity and empathy.

However, we can't leave sensitivity and empathy staying mentally, physically healthy and balanced at the same time.


That's why today I’m going to show you why accepting and growing your emotional listening skills is so important to expand your whole body healthily.


Superpower is your innate attitude, skill or ability, no matter the area it touches. Your Superpower is your gift.


The funny thing is that, as usually happen, we don't see or care about what we already have, we think it's not unique, and everybody has that.
That's happen for many years of life with our Superpower.
When we don't use/expand it enough, we end up to feel a sense of a "nonsense" emptiness in life.

We need to come back to our root embracing what we forgot for so long, or discovering what we have never seen.

You're always in time to come back to your gift. It's in you.
Life is a never-ending journey. Every day is the perfect day to discover, grow and expand your frequencies and learning new things about yourself and the world.
The journey towards discovering and expanding your superpower has no age.
If you're young or mature, your superpower is still and always in you, ready to heal and expand your vibe every moment you want to awake it.


There are two skills you already have in you that are vital to finding your superpower: empathy and sensitivity


Emotion researchers define empathy as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, combined with feeling what someone else might be thinking or sensing.


There are 2 types of empathy:
• Affective empathy: the sensations and feelings we get in response to others's emotions.
This means mirroring what other people's feeling, or simply feeling stressed when we recognize another’s stress or anxiety.

Cognitive empathy: is the ability to understand other people's emotions. 

What does experiencing empathy means?

_ understand different lives,
_expand our whole body by experiencing "different lives";
_enrich our body/mind with new feelings and meanings.

And yes, you can experience empathy for anything you want, not just with people; think about a piece of art for example!


According to the Worldwide Dictionary Wikipedia, sensitivity, is the ability of an organism or organ to respond to external stimuli.

And again, sensitivity is the strength of physical or emotional reaction in humans.

Our superpower comes from how we see and interpret the world we live. That's why sensitivity and empathy are so key to identify it.


The ability to sense other people's emotions or react with physical emotions to the events is thr gift that allows us to listen and know ourself even better.

This makes us live, so make sure to honor it, especially in struggle.


Experiencing empathy and sensitivity sometimes is nice and sometimes it’s not, but that’s because we just have to master our superpowers, like every superhero does.

Everything in this universe has a dark and a light side, we just have to build and grow a light path where everything we love is free to grow.

We have to learn to master, understand and interpret our feelings and emotions.

Why you should find and grow your superpower by listening your feelings:

Listening and feeling more is the skill we need to develop to grow our emotional intelligence.  That's so important because affects on tree basic levels of personal well-being:

Physical Wellness:

when you touch or experience something that you love you feel your shoulders more relaxed. The breathing is deep and open.

Spiritual Wellness:

everything that happens on a mental and physical level affects your spiritual wellness.
Mind and body enjoy the experience and extract an “essence” out of it.


Then, they give this “essence” to the spirit that stores it in the depth of our soul and memory.

That's how our body leading us to the way we should go through to be happy since we were a child.
That's the essence of the wisdom that everyone has inside.


The 3 Steps Journey you Should Follow to Find and Grow your Superpower:

Finding and growing every superpower is a journey...and I'm not gonna lie, it'll be probably studded with struggles and obstacles for most of us.

That's why superpowers are like big marble sculptures...before they are sculptures! 
The picture that we have in mind when we're working is often quite different from the final result.

We have to work hard to be able to appreciate and experience the piece of art we're gonna to create.

Here are the 3 fundamental steps to follow if you wanna discover and let your superpower free to flourish:

1) Recognize what makes you feel good:


you don't have to invent or search for your superpower because it's in you even if you don't know yet.

All you need is observe and learn to listen how your whole body responds to the events in a more conscious way.


When we're experiencing something we love we can easily express us translating any sensation and feeling into enthusiastic words.
We express ourself more easily freeing your real "you". 


Train yourself to notice the small things, for example:
one of your friends tells you about her terrible shoulder pain, so you warmly recommend a few specific yoga sequences that will be really helpful for her for sure! You defeated that terrible back pain with 10 minutes of yoga every morning, establishing a similar routine will be great also for your friend!

2) Be flexible, have patience and honor the struggles:

How you react or respond to the events could have many different interpretations in term of "finding your superpower" that's why you should have patience and do not come to hasty conclusions!


From the previous example, you suggested a few yoga sequences to relief the shoulder pain of your friends.
If we observe this event only we probably say you could be a fantastic yoga teacher...

However, in most of the cases, we should interpret the event from different perspectives, to get a deeper and wide landscape because the natural skills you showed could also work perfectly to identify a different superpower, which could be "communication" or "helping others".
We have to have the patience to observe us in different kind of situations and environments.

That's because, as every act of Love needs, the process of discovering your superpower requires dedication, mindfulness and flexibility.

My suggestion is don't classify your passion or your unique ability before involving into it and experimenting. That's because rational thoughts could "close" or limit your real potential.
Your superpower could be a combination of some natural skills you have, for example, something that it's not easy to classify by a few words.

"Clarity comes from engagement, not thought."

Marie Forleo

The point is there are no limits to this expansion because your unique gift, your super power, could be the way to grow as human being.

Hope this article inspires you to awake and expand the unique skills you only have shared them with the world. That is a way towards healing and balance for everyone on this Planet.


As always this article is based on my own experience and how I feel the wandering journey of life.
However, I'm sure you're pretty related to it ;)

Make sure to share your experience here below, it may help other people to find and develop their unique Superpower.


With All Love,



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