The First & Vital Step you Should Never Skip to Manifest Anything

The First & Vital Step you Should Never Skip to Manifest Anything

In this age, spirituality becomes huge and it's usually helpful to face the challenges of modern days.
Other time it's harmful.

Pop spirituality makes us used to think that spiritual awakening and the power to manifest comes from the physical actions, meaning from external activities like yoga poses, saying affirmations or specific step by step rituals for example.

We have a dream so we try to do our best to make it real, right?
But it's a considerable lack here.
We are all focused on the result, then we miss the necessary steps to get there.

But honestly, who is the first one who usually sabotages this vision?

Ourself! Why? We're scared about our dream, and doubts start to paralyze us until they become the excuses to give up, or our dreams becomes more and more "on background" of your daily life because other people come ever before us.


That's completely normal when we skip the first and fundamental step we should go through before working to manifest anything.
This step it's called Self Love, or Self-Acceptance.

Self-Acceptance is the non-conditionable factor to find the piece of mind as a natural state.

It's the first and vital key to free your energetic channels and let your true self-free to flourish giving you the capacity to live your true life.


It's feeling all feelings, without judging them.
It's accepting all your burning passions and your intense emotions with compassion and fulfillment.

Feelings are the rough shape of energy, they're the seeds of our real future.
When we repress or close our feelings, they have to live in a place much smaller than the one they are born to: you.

Emotion blocks are where many physicals pain, emotional disorders or even depression occurs, despite we're trying to achieve our dream.

When repressing feelings is a habit, we start to become weaker and even more insecure until we feel to live a life that belongs to others.


Feelings exist not just to connect us to our core and better understand the thoughts; they're also the most potent creators on the planet.
They transform emotions into passions. These passion can change our and other people's lives.

Accepting our feelings is the no conditionable step to know our tools for happiness.

Your craziness is the creative and unique gift of your true self, it's the tool to achieve your purposes. Unless you repress and silent it on day to day basis.

Self-acceptance is a duty for ourself and our family. When we practice self love and we accept who we are, we're also more present with family, husband, and child. Remember: if you're not glad no one around you will be glad neither.


So, how should we do when we need to enhance self-love to live a more fulfilled life and manifest our dreams?

Here's my top 5 ways to cultivate self-acceptance:


Especially if you're starting meditation, I suggest practicing the Flower Heart Meditation before sleeping, in a comfort position in your bed.

I practice this meditation every night because I love it and it's really effective to reconcile good sleep. 
Here's the step-by-step process, it takes about two minutes: 

1- laying in your bad, on your mat or where it's comfortable for you. 

2- close your eyes and start breathing consciously filling up well all the chest without forcing.

3- when you're ready, start to visualize your center, the physical point where every emotion starts in you at the center of your chest.


4- you're here to visit the beautiful flower the live there. You can see it in every detail. 
What is its colors? What is the shape of its petals? Is it a real flower or you never see it before?


5- try to visualize it in a different perspective.
When you're ready  prepare to say good by to you flower, you can go back to it when you want. Keep breathing naturally.


6- Go out of your chest and go back to your body in your bad. 


Your flower could look differently every time you visit it or it will change in the long run. The main thing is don't ask yourself anything about how it looks, just visualize without judging.

Listen to your feelings.
Everything is a choice, even if it seems not.
Everything you need sometimes is to say "no" to yourself and others without feeling guilty.

Say no to a party, say no to a call or favor it's completely ok and is essential to living your true life and maintain the balance.
So, train yourself to say no when you feel it's right for you and you'll feel the multi-benefits immediately.

If you said "no" but you feel guilty now, it's completely normal, embrace this feeling, you're learning from that and it will empower you.


By fueling your body with healthy and clean food you also free it from waste and make you feel better overall.


Healthy dishes are easy to prepare most of the time, and they're perfect even if you have limited time to cook.


Make some smoothies, grilled chicken, fresh salad, bailed vegetable s and nuts, boiled vegetables and nuts are just some inspirations.


You find a ton of easy-detox recipes in my Pinterest board, check them out when you need and re-pin the ones that make you watering ;)


This is my favorite and part of my non-negotiable time for me every day.

Working every day to make your dream real is also be conscious of all you already have without asking everything.

Be able to sleep 7 hours in a clean bed, eat if hungry, go where we need, easily breathing, wake up every day seeing the sun again, are just some of the reasons to be immensely grateful for every moment and appreciate every single second of life.


If your feelings are your genius your jewels are your constant reminder of this genius.

Every crystal vibrates differently to balance your vibrational body and find healing.



Wearing specific Crystals that work on your side for your spiritual health is a conscious choice that really boosts your self-stime and it's a tangible practice of self-love.

If you feel you need to enhance love for yourself and you need an extra vibe, Aquamarine is is the Crystal that I really recommend to wear on day to day basis.


Aquamarine supports you to improve communication and expression skills articulating your truths with clarity and courage.

Aquamarine is a Stone of Courage and Protection and it's excellent to promote any kind of expression and clear communication blocks.


Aquamarine helps to open intuition and awareness to the inner ocean of wisdom and creativity and it's powerful for moving through transition and change. The cleansing energy of Aquamarine removes resistance and helps to overcome the fear of the unknown.

As always, spiritual growth is not a rock science, what works for someone is not enough for other people.
+plus, this article is based on my personal experience and on how these practices support my own journey every day.


Make sure to share your own experience here below in the comment, especially if you have other ways to cultivate self-love and open your heart to the ocean of wisdom and beauty every day.

With All Love, 



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