How to Enhance your Feminine Power Accordingly with Finger Meaning & Symbolism

How to Enhance your Feminine Power Accordingly with Finger Meaning & Symbolism
How to Enhance your Feminine Power Accordingly with Finger Meaning & Symbolism

Feminine power is not only related to women, instead is one of the most powerful forces on earth that everyone should learn to embrace to find more balance and fulfillment in life, especially today. Feminine power is not related to the sex, rather it belongs to females and males.

Saying that, we know that today women are rediscovering their innate and instinctive sense of power, something that we had been taught to hide for so many times.

For decades, we felt like we had to tap into stereotypically masculine qualities to feel secure in our bodies, achieve our goals or reclaim authority and respect.

Nowadays, we're expanding our knowledge and discovering the other half of this universal power. 

We're seeing that feminine power is not only related to muscles and physical strength but also to intuition, creativity, and sensitivity, and we're learning to reclaim that. 

Remembering to use and cultivate these talents can completely transform the way we live many aspects of life, including personal and business relationships, but also the level of our energy, charisma, and beauty.

We can enhance our feminine power if we're a woman or a man in many different ways. 

In this article, I show you how to raise your feminine power by wearing Crystals and Gemstones accordingly to finger meaning and symbolism.

How to enhance your Feminine power

accordingly with finger meaning & symbolism

The primary channel we can use to activate and enhance our feminine power intentionally is the finger ring because there are so many frequencies related to the divine feminine that flow through it. 

However, feminine power covers so many forces and aspects that it involves every finger.

 Let's see how we can enhance our Feminine power by wearing Crystals and Gemstones intentionally: 


Creativity & Transformation

Creativity & transformation is about the call to enjoy the process of change and renewal over the goal

Creativity has an infinite multitude of aspects. Creating something physical is just a small part of it. In fact, we use creativity in every aspect of life, even in relationships, finances, love, and business. 


Tiger Eye: it encourages us to find a common solution and teaches us to use the power for justice.

Apatite: enhances creativity and problem-solving. It brings a sense of awareness especially when we feel overwhelmed by the ton of tasks we have to accomplish.

Citrine: as Crystals of abundance and joy it promote creativity maintaining calm and serenity.

Carnelian: Its high energy helps renew lost vitality and motivation stimulating creativity for new projects. 

Amethyst: this crystal can expand the higher mind and enhances creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination supporting to clarifies the thinking processes. 

Labradorite: it's the stone of transformation, progress, and growth.
It also helps to overcome the emotional drain and awakens a sense of change, adventure, and progress. 


Devotion is about the heart’s need to give and dedication, whether it is expressed by material or spiritual items. Devotion is private and happens in silence. 

Even if it doesn’t need to be outwardly expressed, when you feel the impulse to declare loving devotion, act upon it.


Rose Quartz: as one of the main stone of feminine energy it diffuses the Divine loving energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, and devotion throughout the whole aura. 

Shiva Lingam: it supports and encourages devotion and alignment in all love matters.

Grace & Beauty

Grace & Beauty is about letting your light shine through.
The key is to find the courage to show your true self to others and drop the social mask to show integrity, openness, and enthusiasm for life.


Aquamarine: Known as the Stone of the Mermaids, Aquamarine brings vitality and healing to the whole body because it's deeply connected to the ocean.

Compassion & Motherliness

Compassion & Motherliness are about genuine caring, accepting, and embracing. You might show someone close to you that you care by listening without judgment.
It's about empathy, and the values that flow from it, such as understanding, acceptance, and non-judgment.
It comes from choosing that you are on the side of comprehension and kindness rather than judgment and harshness.


Chrysocolla: it promotes compassion and strengthening of character emphasizing the power of words and silences. It is the stone of forgiveness, peace, and spontaneity.

Silica Gem: Gem Silica is the crystallized form in which Chrysocolla is infused in Quartz and it gives us an amplified version of Chrysocolla energies.

Blue Lace Agate: It enhances the skill to communicate persuasively and maintaining integrity connecting the spirit with intellect.

Sustaining & Nurturing

Sustaining & Nurturing are about all the things a mother does to nourish and feed her child.
When we're adult, nourishing become feeding for the spirit, so we need support, encouragement, protection, and wise guidance. These are nurturing values everyone needs, but they find rarely.
That's why serving others with a nurturing attitude is deeply appreciated.


Moonstone: since earliest times, Moonstone has a high connection to the frequency and energy of the Moon. It creates the waves and rhythms of our mother, Earth. It encourages, calms and teaches the natural rhythms of life. 


OPEN view & wisdom

Wisdom and Open View are about considering a multitude of aspects that shape the reality, not just a few details. They're holding a clear view on the big picture.

universal & human justice

It's about a sense of universal justice over numbers and measurable or tangible  goals.

self analysis

Seeing everything from a wider perspective usually also include self-analysis and introspection.


Labradorite: Labradorite enhances intuitive abilities and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits and visualization.  

Fire Agate: it gives you the fire of clarity in the darkness of chaos and insecurity. 
Its healing vibe leads you to your roots, giving you the confidence to communicate and express your own truth.

PINKY RING: intuition

Trusting the unknown doesn’t mean walking in the dark. Instead of automatically redirecting to your brain for answers, you’re starting to trust your body.

artistic & creative

There’s also a feeling of expansion, excitement, or flutter that can’t be ignored, and at some deeper level, you know that you’re headed in the right direction.

When a strategy doesn’t feel right, when a project’s getting off track, you just know, and you share that.

ability to help

Intuition also includes the ability to help others by persuading them because we feel they need a specific approach to find a healthy path.


Herkimer Diamond: it encourages renewal and clearing the body-mind of unconscious fears allowing for complete relaxation and expansion of the Life energy.
Herkimer Diamond stimulate clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities assisting in prediction and telepathic connection. It's extremely powerful for dream recall, shamanic journeying and recovering of past life information. 

Apophyllite: is the perfect tool to leads your heart and mind to a new level of consciousness releasing stress and anxiety.
The flow of its powerful light brings hope for the future and helps to release negative thought patterns that may be holding you back.

Elestial: Its vibrations encourage you to open up the doors of your core supporting changing, new visions, revelations, and soul awakening.

Turquoise: it's a is a powerful barrier crystal. It helps to focus and amplify our efforts to keep unwanted elements out of our lives and also helps us get through hard times.

Apache Tears: It opens up to your inner qualities, spiritual abilities, and unique purposes supporting grounding, mental clarity, and vision.


Self-love is about being smooth with yourself and ending your own self-judgment as acts of love. 

Self-love includes respecting your body, your needs, and your choices. 


When we take care of ourselves, we also work to raise our vibe and gain self-esteem. We know we're not perfect and we are not interested in becoming perfect neither. Everything we want is give our best and embrace the magic of learning from every day.


You're very sensitive and part of your gifts include being able to feel what other people don't. That's a super power that requires an extra self care. You need to shield your body from the negative energies around you with the right mental attitude and the best Crystals.


Pink Kunzite: It's the essence of emotional balance and the Divine Feminine. It helps you to let your spirit free from fear, anxiety or dark forecast of the future balancing negative emotions or mental disorder.

Morganiteit cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas igniting lightness and open views within the spirit.


The will is the value we pursue when we want to reach a specific goal that requires commitment, consistency, and persistence. In this perspective, we can consider the thump as a complementary channel of the finger ring, the primary way for transformation.


Constancy is a feminine energy, especially when it means to overcome obstacles or pursue specific purposes, or also when you can't see tangible results immediately after you've started a project.

change your attitude

Achieving new goals usually requires to shift your mindset and change your attitude. That's the way you declare your dedication and determination to the Universe.


Garnet: it's a spiritual tool for protection against distractions and unproductive influences. It assists you to grounds spirit forces within the body supporting the ability to work passionately on the physical level.

Ruby: known as the blood stone, stimulating good circulation and blood flow.
Ruby provides the sharing of loving energy despite past hurts, melting anger, resentment and negative energy. 

Black Tourmaline: it's a shamanic stone, it provides protection during rituals, and It was traditionally used to indicate the right direction in which to move. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful grounding crystals for healing and meditation. 

Fluorite: It teaches you to stay focus and complete the multitude of tasks you have to accomplish with peace of mind and gratitude.

Identifying some Crystals and stones as "the best" for specific fingers doesn't mean you can't wear them on different fingers.

However, I recommend following this guide when you want to raise particular forces related to Feminine Power.

Thank you so much for spending your time reading this article. Make sure to share your questions and your experiences about wearing Crystals intentionally here below in the comments.

All Love


How to raise your faminine power by wearing Crystal rings intentionally

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