Crystal Guide | August 2021

Crystal Guide | August 2021

This message is not for everyone, but if like me and many of us, you're finding yourself struggling from time to time lately in maintaining the center, stepping into anxieties and fear for the future, this may help.


Even though more and more humans have been starting to awake their power, reestablishing their sovereignty, the "fear program" is globally going louder and louder and intense.


Even if you daily work on yourself, the potent schedule of fear may affect you, so the outcome you have is that you may feel in a trap, unable of saying your truth, experiencing loneliness, anger,  deep anxiety, and hopelessness from time to time.


If so, that's completely fine. This is NOT the sign that you're not working great or that something is wrong with you. You're human; we're here to feel everything.


However, we know that fear is nothing but an illusion, and only the conscious and meaningful choice of reestablishing our power, staying grounded in our body can dissolve it.


If you had worked on grounding lately, but still it's like you need a force that courageously supports you in standing firm in your power, dissolving distress and fear, I really encourage you to daily work with Pietersite (by wearing it as a pebble or jewel) .


I have been working with Pietersite for a few days so far, and it was a game-changer from the first minutes.

With its complex and intense frequency, Pietersite encourages the flow of a fluid and radiant energy on the Solar Plexus Chakra that comes to support self-empowerment, strongly awakening spirit, integrity, stability, and courage.


The most appropriate definition of the message of this stone comes from the woman I consider with no hesitation the highest expert in crystals frequency and bioenergy, Regina Martino - founder of

She says about this stone

"Pietersite is standing in front of the thunderstorm",

and, observing how my energy shifted over these days, I can say that there's no other definition that better defines the knowledge that this stone provides.