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There are thousands of Crystals and Gemstones on the Planet.
How do you figure out the best one in this particular moment of your life?
I'm honored to help.

How it works:

As soon as you book your consultation, you'll receive an email with a quick and simple form with 
the Color Resonance Test: it's precious to determine the frequency of your body/consciousness. 
 a few questions: I need to hear your voice, even in writing, to know your needs and the symptoms of your blocks.

When I get your answers, I personally complete your consulting with the Channeling at a distance. It allows me to verify the status of your current energy field, knowing exactly which stones and crystals can help you the most. 

I personally send you your private Crystal Consultation report directly in your inbox as an email text within 48 business hours.

This consultation doesn't include Crystals specimens or jewels.

What you get from this consultation:

YOUR KEY CRYSTAL (one or more if necessary) 
You get one or more Crystals that encourage you to make the next significant steps to evolve and manifest what you want and need in life. 

The Complementary Crystal is able to close and complete the harmony that the Key Crystals have already created within your energy field. 

The Compendium Crystal is the Crystal or the Stone you should work with for just a few hours per day when you're sleeping, you're meditating, or when you're having breakfast by drinking it as an elixir, for example. 

*Crystals are not to be intended as a replacement for your doctor's prescription. Make sure to use crystals and stones only as a supplement to your medical and healing prescriptions.

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