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Crystal B

This Amethyst Ring works on the spiritual and emotional level to promote calm and balance reducing stress and nervous tension due to overworking or prostration situations.

** Every piece of jewelry is one of a kind because every Crystal is unique in the Universe. However, you'll have full control of your order, here's how:
• I'll contact you personally after your purchase sharing the best Crystals we have for your ring;
• you're free to choose which specific Crystal you want in your ring;
• we handcrafted your ring with that particular Crystal.

 Promote calm, balance, and peace at the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels helping to gain mental and emotional balance.
 Amethyst is a psychic protection stone, especially during spiritual and physical travels.
 Helps to dispel anger, rage, fear, and anxiety mitigating sadness and grief, especially for those who have to do with death.
• Stimulate Intuition and all psychic abilities promoting a higher sense of consciousness.
 Amethyst provided a connection to the Divine and it's also excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming connecting the physical plane with the higher realm.
 Improve concentration and encourage inner strength.

AFFIRMATION: "I see beyond physical boundaries because my intuition is strong and clear. I'm open to guidance and wisdom for the highest good."

RELATED CHAKRA: the primary chakra related with amethyst is Third Eye (6°Chakra). The secondary chakra is Crown (7°Chakra).

NAME: Every Giardinoblu piece of jewelry is a living creature. This is Taini, which means "return to the moon" in Omaha (North US Native People) language.

TIMING: Taini requires 15 business days before shipping.

RING SIZE: Every ring is custom-made. Please, add a note including your ring size when you place the order. We'll have the pleasure to realize your creature at your perfect size.

PACKAGING: every creature gets to you in a beautiful and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a unique gift for your best friend or yourself. Designed and handmade in Italy with the collaboration of responsible and specialized local skilled goldsmiths. 

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