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Attending a Baby & After Childbirth Crystal Medicine Bag _ Enjoy the journey

Here's you find suggestions, best practices and more about how to learn as much as possible from yourself during pregnancy and over the first months after childbirth by working on your Crystal Medicine Bag.
Enjoy the journey and feel free to contact me if something is not clear or you have some questions.

"I'm ready to receive all the wisdom from my body and the Universe"

Your Crystal Remedy

Enhydro Agate


  • Connection with the water as Archetype and with your intimate self
  • Helping in overcoming emotional and hormonal unbalancing 
  • Connection with the body, especially over or after a period of neglect or careless.


The water inside the Enhydro Agate (which is a couple of hundred thousand years old) connects you with the archetype of water and with water as a fundamental element of Life. 
The frequency of Enhydro Agate flows through the entire body providing wellbeing, relax and a full connection with your body and the baby.


Main energetic area: Sacral Chakra.

The frequency of your Crystal remedy works to expand, reinforce and balance your Sacral Chakra.

Make sure to wear your Crystal remedy every day

You can wear your Medicine bag under clothes or as a necklace, choose the way that resonates better with you. 
Crystals work by using subtle frequencies, keeping them as close as possible to your skin, avoiding to store them in your bag, is essential.

Your Crystal Medicine bag is your secret power. You can intentionally connect your frequencies and intentions to your Crystals in every moment of the day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Taking care of your stones and process is the most powerful way to boost your journey with your Crystals and achieve the maximum result in a shorter period of time. 

Consecrating to the "active listening" a few moments of the day is a way effective than wearing your Medicine bag in a "mechanical way".


When the moment you’re living is challenging you, just connect your intention with the energy of your Crystals. 
Be fully there, without expectations or judging. You're absolutely free to use the technique you’re most familiar with. 

The more we intentionally work with your stones the more they works.
As modern science and quantum physics declare, intention creates energy that is able to give instructions to the molecules leading them to achieve specific purposes.

If you want to dive deeper in sensing the energy of Crystals, check this article>> 

During the Night


If you want, you can place your Medicine Bag over a plate of Shungite. Its frequency realigns the structure of your Crystals, so you’re sure they're cleansed as soon as you need to wear them during the day.

Even if you don't wear your Medicine bag during the night, your Crystal remedy still supports you.
The moment of sleeping is key to maintaining the balance and overall wellbeing. When you sleep, keep your Selenite inside the pillowcase in a way it is as close as possible to your skin.

Accordingly with modern physic and science, we now that everything physical stores memories in the form of frequencies.

What that makes Crystals unique is that they're able to store frequencies much longer than anything else.

That's why cleansing practice is so key if you use Crystals for spiritual healing.
You need to remove everything that doesn't belong to the natural being of your stones before working with them.
If not, you have very poor results, or new blocks end up to rise within the energy field.

5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals

Rinse the Crystal under running water, asking it to expel unclean and dirty energy. Do that until you feel your crystal is clear. 
When you rinse your Crystal under the water, visualize a ray of white light that works to align the natural information of it.

However, pay attention to the stones that need a different cleaning method, water can damage them. They're Chrysocolla, Angelite, Azurite, Cerusite, Chalcopyrite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Selenite, Ulexite and Vanadinite.


That's the most effective technique. That's the same technique I use before shipping any Giardinoblu Healing Jewels.
Feel free to use Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls, every tone or size is great.
The sound combined with your intentions remove negative energies from your crystals. 
You can use this method with any stone without restrictions.


Exposing the crystals into incense or burning smoke is also an excellent way to purify them.
I choose this way, especially for more than 4 stones.
It always a great idea to burn incense to purify not only your Crystals but the environment and your own aura. 


If you have a private garden, find a quiet place there to bury your stones for 24 hours or more. Make sure to put the necessary signs to successfully unearth your stones.


If you're not familiar with subtle energies and you can't feel when your Crystal is cleansed, a Shungite plate will do the job for you.

Put your Crystals on a plate made with Shungite for 24 hours, the vital energy of this unique stone will re-establish the alignment and the coherence of the energetic structure of your Crystals and Stones.

The "how" is nothing without your full intention & presence

The way you use to cleanse your Crystals is just a "the tool", your intention and presence are key.
So, whatever technique you choose, make sure to be fully present during the ritual connecting your intuition to your Crystal if not you don't have any result.

Trust your body and visualize the pollution that goes away from your Crystals until they're radiant and free again. 

I recommend to keep working with your Crystal remedy until you feel you can deliver its information, purpose and message independently


If, at some point in your journey, your Crystals don't spread the same energy of the beginning, but you still need to work with them (you can't deliver their information, purpose, and message independently) it's because your Crystals may need to be cleansed.


If you're not sure, work with your Crystals for one month at least, then book a private Crystal consultation to know your next step. 

In addition to that, having a regular sleep-wake circle and establish healthy pleasures (eating and drinking clean) is fundamental to deliver your real potential, especially in every changing process.

Mind that spiritual healing is a life journey. Don’t be too rigid with yourself, allow you to learn enjoying every moment.
Progress is the goal, not perfection.

The Crystal remedy that you find in your Medicine Bag supports you in rising and balancing your Sacral Chakra. However, Crystals are not magic pills, and if you really want to evolve, you need to declare to yourself and Universe that you want to reach your purposes by taking actions.

Here’s you find some of the activities you should try to dive deeper, embrace this change with positivity, trust and enthusiasm.

Additional activities to open, balance and reinforce your Sacral Chakra

Cultivating healthy pleasures is one of the best activities you can do to balance the Sacral Chakra.
I recommend to eat and drink clean, sleep 7/8 hours and move your body every day. This is the best and most effective way to re-establish a meaningful connection with your intimate self and reconnect yourself with your passions, discovering joy and enthusiasm again.


I deserve to receive pleasure 


My emotions are information that my body sent me 


My body is my Temple.



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