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Top Quality Amethyst, Big Hand Standing Cluster

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This Amethyst cluster gives you a penetrating and clear energy because of the deep purple saturation of the big crystals. 


• Meditation_this cluster supports meditation practices very well because of the hight quality of crystals and their pure vibrational energy.
It's a hand standing cluster and that maximize quality and intensity of the energies you work with while you're practicing.
Just put this cluster next to you or to your mat during your meditation or yoga session and open your inner doors of perception to experience the highest good of this beautiful and wise Crystal.

• Living spaces_this Amethyst cluster is perfect to purifying the energy in every room of your home, and it's also perfect for office or working space.
It surrounds and protects you in every moment because Amethyst works to purify any space of negative vibrations and relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress.

• Crystal Healing_Amethyst enhance intuition, bring peace and clarity. It helps in cases of obsessive compulsive behavior, increases concentration and confidence in life.
Amethyst will tune the endocrine system by helping to boost the production of hormones and balancing the body’s metabolism.

This cluster is also powerful to cleanse and recharging other Stones or Crystals. 

• Color therapy_this Amethyst cluster brings you all the energy of purple ray, the mystic bridge from one reality to another.

Purple is the last color of spectrum we can see, it shows you the borderline of the visible reality. In fact, the purple ray calms all the rational thoughts so your conscience can experience calm and clarity. 

• Chakra Healing_the 7th, or Crown Chakra stone. It cleanses the aura and helps to balance mental and emotional bodies by linking them to the spiritual body.

Shape_ triangle is one of the most ancient symbols, it stands for Harmony, Illumination, Creativity, Manifestation.
Spirit, Body, Mind; Thought, Feeling, Emotion; Love, Truth, Wisdom; Past, Present, Future are some of the historical and cultural trinities represented by the triangle.

Width: 3,54 in ( 9 cm )
Maximum length: 5,91 in ( 15 cm )
Height: 6,69 in ( 17 cm )
Weight: 77,6 oz (2,2 Kg)
This Amethyst cluster comes from Uruguay. 

You will receive the exact piece you see in all photos in this page.

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