Which Stone Do You Need: The Guide to Know the Best Crystal for You

Which Stone Do You Need: The Guide to Know the Best Crystal for You

This article is for you if you want to know
• The two most effective methods to find out which Crystal or Stone is the best one for you.

• The accurate approach to Chrystal Healing.
• The real face of blocks.
• What to do as you found your crystal.

>>This article is not for you if you're looking for a fast answers about which crystals to pick. Working with energy is a delicate job and you are a unique being in this Universe; these demand love that only comes with time and dedication.

When you approach to identifying the Stone or Crystal you need in life, and you look for the finest way to get there, you might stumble upon different guides and methods, and each of them carries a different story.


Some of them say that you have to listen to your gut. Others suggest knowing the metaphysical properties, or the chemical composition, and so on. It's all so confusing!


With this article, my purpose is to bring clarity on how to figure out the best crystal for you so you stop rambling from site to site and finally enjoy your Crystals and Stones.


Accordingly with the most recent tests and research in the Bioenergy field, the frequency of Crystals comes from their color, chemical composition, shape, crystalline structure, and density combined in different proportions, depending on the crystal we're working with.


That's why considering only one or just a few of these characteristics might lead us to the wrong way when you're looking for the best crystal to introduce into your life. 

You need to recognize the overall information that comes in the form of energy from some different aspects of the crystal, and I'll show you how to do it a minute ahead in this article.

There's nothing magic or esoteric in this method. It's based on research and scientific tests that the geobiologists, therapists and researchers Regina Martino and Stephane Cardinaux accomplished with their team within thirty years. 

Everything is real, measurable, and effective.


Are you ready? Let's dive in!


Everything starts from you

Before starting to ask for help, mind that your body created the unbalance or the block to save yourself during or after a trauma allowing you to keep carrying on.

Every block (and unbalance) is the result of an act of love designed by the divine intelligence that dwells in your body and always aimed to keep you safe.

If you think, watching your blocks, that you're wrong or not good enough, so that's why that discomfort, illness, or disorder came up, you're in the wrong way. 

This is not something that I know just because I have lived it, but it is what scientists, psychologists, and psychiatrists have discovered from the '80 to today. 


The truth is that every symptom - weather it is emotional, energetic or physical - is the energetic block communicating with you; so you're here as self listener.

Honor your blocks and discomforts, allow them to be seen and heard. It's the first step of every holistic approach to healing, crystal healing included. Pain and discomfort are the fuel of awakening. 

Sickness, illness, stress, and discomfort are the ones that give us the wisest information we can use to grow and evolve. 


Please find a few seconds to holding a space to honor and welcome your pain and struggle. 
They're bringing the gold seed to make your sacred tree flourishings. Even if you didn't know how to work with them now, trust me, they will show you the real magnificent you. 

The Wisdom of Blocks

Now that you see blocks and unbalancing for what they actually are, you know that the medicine is brought by the uncomfortable state you're living. 

People want fast&easy solutions, and pretending to give miraculous remedies is a huge temptation for therapists. 

However, I firmly believe that healing always comes from responsibility and commitment. Everything else belongs to the "universe of pills", deny and repression. But, if you're reading here, I guess you're looking for something different.

I wish I give you a super-fast/easy/miraculous/jackpot solution that solves all of your own problems instantly.
But again, there's no healing without exploration, and you are the only possible explorer that can discover and learn from your own land. There's no shortcuts or easy answers.

As a therapist and guide, I can show you the tools that set you accountable and free to join the journey and liberate yourself; I cannot tell you what you should do inside yourself.

There's no healing without freedom.


The inner job

Ask yourself:

What do I need to make the next step in life?

Which is the main thing that holds me back right now? 

They're deep and challenging questions. Most of the time, we see that we're stuck in limitations but identifying them is another story.

Feel free to take your time to dive deeper and answer these questions within yourselves, looking for the source of what is restricting your expression, your voice, your potential.

You don't have to reveal your answer to no one. No one can judge you for it. So, be honest, if not, the only one you sabotage is you.

It could be an old resentment, untransformed anger, or even rejection of your parents or family. Some unclear blocks, usually come from so far in time, or they are raised from such painful events that are tricky to see. You don't need to identify the episode that might cause the block, but only the field.


When you're ready, consult the diagram here below and find the answer in one or more Chakras. Note that every energetic center spreads its energy (knowledge) in both back and front directions; make sure to spot which on of the two directions might be blocked for you.

Note: Make sure to figure out the SOURCE of your block, NOT only considering in which area the symptom shows up physically. 

EXAMPLE: If we want to be more confident, spontaneous, and charismatic with other people, you should work on the Solar Plexus Chakra FRONT (what you bring to the world) only if you think you deserve to be respected. If not, working on this area doesn't work or can create a new block.
Instead, if you think you need to develop your own self-esteem, meaning raise the opinion you have of yourself, you should work on Solar Chakra BACK(what you think about yourself).

That's because your emotional body can't deliver the value of "self-esteem" if you have not integrated it into your believing system. 

Which Stone Do You Need: The Guide to Know the Best Crystal for You

The main challenge consulting this graphic might be identifying just a few blocked areas!

For many of us, it might look like every of our chakra is blocked.
If it's so for you, that's absolutely fine because every energetic center is connected to the other, then every unbalance reflects another one.

So, if you find yourself in this position, don't worry. You're not weird or bad. You're just more aware of your limitations right now, and this is an excellent point to start from!
Still, in this phase, try to find out no more than thee areas you should work on by identifying the priorities.

Working with Crystals is a journey.


Verify the Crystal you had found

After identifying no more than three Chakras that are blocked in your energetic system, you also know the crystals that work to activate these areas because you see them mentioned in the graphic.
However, you'll work with one crystal per area, so which one you should choose?


The best tool to verify which crystal is right for you is your body.
To apply this method you need to be able to sense the frequency and energy of crystals, if not, you can go with the second method. 

Take the stone in your hand and connect your energy to it.
• If you feel a sense of relief or liberation in some areas of your body, that's the stone you should work with daily!

• If you feel some sense of restriction or disgusting or that you're uncomfortable in some way, that is not the crystal that facilitates the integration of your blocks.


Please note that this approach has nothing to do with "choosing the stone that attracts your eye". You need to feel the vibrations of the stone. Seeing with your physical eyes only is not enough and sometimes can lead you to the wrong path. 


If you're not familiar with sensing the energy of stones and crystals already - which is something everyone of us can activate, you don't need to be a "guru" or a super sensitive person - here's how to proceed:

• first step: find someone you love and trust in the crystal healing world. It can be a therapist, a teacher or an expert. Trust your gut to feel if this person is genuine and if you love and trust her/his voice.

• second step: consult the information he/she published - as books, blog posts or videos - that are specific about the stones you are interested in. This information is typically the crystal's metaphysical properties or the energetic information that crystals deliver. 
If you do not find anything specific, reach them directly, asking for the properties of the crystals you're investigating on.

Having an accountable and reliable reference means avoiding looking for crystals properties online and letting the first sites that pop out lead your energetic work for the months that will follow.

• third step: choose the crystals that spread a message you feel resonating with you most. Then, wear one crystal per chakra for at least one month, observing what changes along the way.

you cannot sense the ENERGY OF CRYSTALS?

If you're new in the world of Crystals Healing, or you can't sense the energy of Crystals even if you've been passionate about them for years, you have two options: 


There's nothing "magic" or wired in that. You just need to unlock your innate potential to feel subtle energy. Everyone can do it because each of us is made of energy, so sensing energy is something that belongs to our physical biology.

Go there to start >>


Crystal healing


You can find a serious therapist physically close to you or someone online. The key is that you trust her or him. I suggest you follow her/him online for a while so you can feel if his/her worlds and energy are clear and genuine.

Then, you can ask for a private consultation. That way you're sure to work in the right direction without creating new blocks or intensifying the ones you already hold.


When you find out the Crystal (or more than one) that vibes to support you, working with it all day long, on day to day basis, is the best way to get support from it.

Consciously wearing your crystal as a jewel for one month at least is the best, way to fully experience its frequency.

Anyway, for how much you should work with these crystals is something personal because everyone has different needs and a unique way to vibe in this world.
How we vibe, meaning our frequency, is actually the thing that makes us so unique and irreplaceable, so there are no "protocol" answers.

Having your Crystal ever-handed, close to your skin as soon as possible, allow your energetic body to integrate the message of it, encouraging alignment and balance of the whole system.

That's why working with the right frequency (crystal) is so crucial; if we're working with the wrong frequency, we're not supporting expansion, potentially fostering unbalancing.

Hope this article adds a positive value to your crystal healing journey clarifying some doubts and helping to find balance and harmony in your life.
As always, don't hesitate to ask questions or share your notes here below; they'll be extremely helpful for everyone who reads this article.


Share this article to your friends and community if you think they can find valuable information and good energy👇 by clicking on the channel you prefer 


Thank you so much for spending your time with me, have a wonderful and grateful rest of your day.

All Love,

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Anatomia della Guarigione by Francesca Poli, Sincronicity by Massimo Teodorani, La Voie des Pierres et des Cristaux by Regina Martino.

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