The Simple Guide to Boost your Purposes by Wearing Rings Intentionally

The Simple Guide to Boost your Purposes by Wearing Rings Intentionally

There are several reasons why caring about finger meaning and symbolism can boost your journey with crystals.

Wearing rings is not just about style. 

It sends messages to:

• other people, according to cultural belief, tradition, and story;

• your unconscious mind.

and +plus, it's a powerful tool you can use to boost your vibes and stay focused on your goals and purposes.

First, think about this extraordinary tool you have: your hands

Hands are your primary instruments to turn your visions, ideas, and projects into something tangible. You also use your hands to explore, experience every surface and shape, make someone closer, connect your core to the Universe during meditation ...and the list goes on and on.

Humans know how their hands have been precious in their lives during the course of history. 


The purpose of this article is to encourage everyone to live a more meaningful and intentional life, awakening the spiritual and physical that everyone has within. 

The techniques, knowledge, and practices in this article should be combined with a grateful lifestyle and intentional and conscious living to create a positive and effective result.

Hands have a crucial role in material and spiritual life.

Because of that, I want you to be more grateful for everything your hands do for you at many levels on a daily basis. 

Now that you're more conscious of the role of your hands try to think about what happens if you give them more power intentionally.

What do I mean by "intentionally"?

I mean consciously and meaningfully. 

Based on the different meanings and roles of hands and fingers, you can wear rings intentionally to stay more focused on your goals and gain the spiritual skills you want and need.

Here's how:

Right and Left hands: different roles


• With the right hand, you give energy to the outside world. 

• Right is the hand of physical action 

• The Right hand is the masculine essence (yang side) 


• share specific qualities of the Universe 

• wear your ring on the right if you feel that you already have the quality and purpose you want to share and manifest to the world. Everything you need is to make them actionable.



• With the left hand, you receive energy. 

• The Left is the hand of creativity and process 

• Left is the thinking hand 

• Left is the feminine essence (yin side) 


• get or elaborate on specific qualities or skills

• have the perfect mindset to generate specific skills.

What if I'm left-handed?

If you use your left hand to deliver your feelings, ideas, and thoughts, that's the giving hand for you.

Then, the right hand is the hand of getting. 

Looking how different cultures emphasizes giving or receiving aspect is very interesting, I would love to go deeper in to that in one of the future articles ;)

Ring Meaning & Symbolism finger by finger


• Embodies Jupiter, the supreme God of the Romans.

• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on self-confidence, action, ambition, communication, and leadership.

• Crystals that boost index qualities are Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Peridot.

• Natural Element: Water

>> Wanna know how to grow your Leadership skills by wearing rings? Check THIS >>


• Embodies Saturn, also called “the balance wheel of the hand”, or “the balance wheel of our personalities”. Saturn is the symbol of good and evil, truth-seeking, obedience and rebellion.

• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on introspection and individuality. It also supports you to have a clearer vision about right and wrong.
Wearing a ring on the left middle finger also creates a direct connection with the heart.

Crystals that boost middle qualities: Clear Quartz, Coral, Pearls.

• Natural Element: Earth.


• Embodies Apollo, the Roman god who represents the creativity in every aspect of life and the culture of Love and Beauty.

• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on leading to grace, love, beauty, and compassion.

• Crystals that boost finger ring qualities: Green Jade, Moonstone, Rose Quartz.

• Natural Element: Fire.


>> If you want to know much more about Ring Finger Meaning, Traditions and Symbolism, check THIS.


• Embodies Mercury, it represents the power of communication in any aspect of that, including intuition and sensitivity.


• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on the artistic and creative character having qualities like eloquence and ability to persuade. It’s also signal about resourcefulness, especially in business.


Crystals that boost little finger qualities: Amber, Citrine, Moonstone, Aquamarine.


• Natural Element: Air.


• The thumb represents the characteristic of personal and universal will.
It’s the only finger that is not named after a Roman god.


• Wearing rings on this finger focuses you on improving every kind of relationship including friendship, love, and business helping you in establish new positive attitude.


Crystals that boost thumb qualities: Rubin, Garnet, Diamond, Moonstone, Amethyst.


•Natural Element: Ether.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take this graphic not too strictly; instead, as an inspiration to boost your intention. 
This article is about symbolism, something different from crystal healing, so do not take this information as primary to work with crystals and stones.
Mind that Crystals bring their information by interacting with your energy field, no matter where the Crystal is located within the energy field.

If you want to know more about wearing crystal jewels for healing >>HERE<

Hope this can help you to walk your journey <3...don't forget to comment and share your experience here in the comment section below ;)

With All Love, 




  • Anna Taylor: August 12, 2019

    Your first piece should always be the shortest necklace of the bunch.A circle of gemstones or pearls is the starting point, if you are wearing a scoop-neck top, blouse or T-shirt.
    Anna Taylor ||

  • Geralyn: November 13, 2018

    Another tidbit, I read in a book about charms and jewels that one should be sure to wear their birthstone always and then other stones or gems. Thought that was interesting.

  • FRANCESCA MANCINI: October 22, 2018

    uh Jane! Thank you so much for opening your heart and share your light!
    I really enjoy reading your experience and your brightly energy comes directly to my heart!
    Scented Vibes from Milan.

  • Jane: October 22, 2018

    Hi. Thanks your post is extremely helpful. I found it while trying to help confirm wearing a diamond or quartz on the right hand. I chose to do this, not sure why a few years ago. While I wore an old family diamond on my right hand ring finger my world changed dramatically. I am an April aries so it is my birthstone anyhow. All my processes of thinking became more focused goal driven and I accomplished some amazing personal feats. 3+ years ago I put it on there. One month later I felt the urge to plan a new life away from the confused stale one I felt I was living. I felt the conviction that I could and had to do this. So I planned to move to the west coast not sure where and had to purge all I owned to make the trip with essentials in my van. By my target date of six months later I had everything I wanted to keep in storage and set off to find a new life.
    I am currently incredibly happy living with my oldest daughter near the beach and able to see the sunset every night. I live with her in South Bay Los Angeles. Knowing Astrology has helped me to insure my peace with her natural vibrations. We moved here accidently both almost the same time and she asked me to live with her. I am encouraging all women to get that diamond on your right hand for mental clarity to push your goals ahead in life. I flipped it to my left hand this spring for a break but now it’s on my right hand again.
    Confidence, direction and clarity has returned and I am ready to resume my big phase on a successful journey.

  • Francesca Mancini: August 03, 2018

    Hi Maddi,
    thank you so much for stopping by and for your beautiful question^
    If you use your left hand to deliver your feelings, your ideas and thoughts, that’s the giving hand to you.
    Then, the right hand is the hand of getting.
    In other words, the only thing that changes is your hand’s rules, not the finger meaning.
    have a grateful day

  • Maddi: August 03, 2018

    Hi Francesca,
    Was just wondering if this depends on your dominant hand? I am left handed, so was wondering if it would actually be the opposite for me?

  • Francesca Mancini: April 10, 2018

    Hi Ingeborg^^
    Black Star Diopside is a beautiful stone! I definitely work with it shortly, thank you so much for sharing it!

    Black Star Diopside is a very grounding stone. Its energy works to balance the first chakra, (the root) and has an excellent protection power.
    As an “assistant to learning” stone, it drives intellect and imagination, it’s a very creative stone that also helps with analysis and logic.
    Black Star Diopside is extremely valuable when you want to find your answers and make the right choices for you. This stone not only purifies your mind but also train and strengthen it.

    Black start assists us to experience deep love maintaining a sense of detachment.

    For all these reasons Black star diopside is an exceptional stone to wear on the ring finger (self-expression and creativity) and index (ambition and learning). It means that its vibrations and purposes are more aligned with these channels. It doesn’t mean you can wear this stone even on other fingers and combining the meaning of the stone with the symbolism of finger.

    thanks again for the inspiration!

  • Ingeborg: April 07, 2018

    Wow, I never knew all this about chrystals and wearing them on your hand!

    Thank you for this enlightening article. Will be wearing my Moonstone jewelry with more intent now :-) As a matter of fact, I just put mine on my thumb.
    I was wondering wheather you know anything about black diopsite (also known as Black Star). I have a beautifull set of a ring, a bracelet and a necklace and I love wearing them. So I curious as to how the ring might have a purpose wearing it on a certain finger.

    And I absolutely love love LOVE your designs. One day I will be wearing them, that is a promise I make!

  • Lila : February 27, 2018

    I have always loved rings.. as an artist I would like to design them. I have art on my Facebook page. Maybe not of rings yet. But if I hear back I will start designing some for you.
    Loved the article good stuff to know and think about. ThankYou!
    Shine on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also yuse Feng shui as an interior designer

  • Roxie Mc Clenton: February 26, 2018

    Great article…I love wearing rings…Now I know It must be intentional with purpose….and wearing the correct crystal on what finger..I have a labarite stone and love wearing it on my left and sonetime right index finger..I fell very confident while wearing this stone…..

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