How to Program Crystals for Spiritual Healing: the True Story

How to Program Crystals for Spiritual Healing: the True Story

Many people think that we should program crystals implementing in them rational mission or purpose before working with them.

However, many experiments and tests in the Bio Energy field  proved that it doesn't make sense and plus, programming is harmful in some cases.

Crystals are on this Planet from billions of years. They are made of chemical and structural elements that give them the specific frequency, energies, and instructions to interact with our own frequency and emotions. 

How Crystals communicate with our body supporting healing is still a Universe to explore for therapists, geobiologists, and researches. 

Could we still add something to make them "perfect", or to make them work? Really?

You don't need anything more then this but the perfection of the Crystal itself.

Crystals should be free from any "mental or rational heaviness", only that way they can be so precious for the awakening of the human spirit.

Crystals don't need any human program, they're not computer. 

That's why we discover much more then what we expected by working with them.

Each Crystal or Gemstone vibrates with a specific signature energy at a particular frequency.
Here is where we find its healing missions and "why."


Everything you need to do is identifying which Crystal you need based on its frequency, meaning which Chakra you should balance. Then, work with it by wearing it, or keeping it with you on your mat during your meditations, jus to make some example.

So, instead programming your Crystal make sure it's cleanse before working with it.

Best Program is cleansing

Bringing the Crystal back to its truth

The best way to start working with a Crystal for emotional healing is first and foremost make sure to choose the one that can actually sustain your journey.


Then, make sure it's cleanse from any dusty or negative energy, including memories or past programs.

If you need to cleanse your Crystal the best method I can suggest you is sound

Sound cleansing is perfect for every stone. You can use Crystal Bowls or Tibetan Bowls, in any dimension or tone. 


Unique Healing Jewelry with Crystals and stones by Giardinoblu

You'll cleanse your crystals in a few seconds completely.
If you need to cleanse a jewel, it takes a few seconds more because the metal tends to retain energy too.


In this article you find other methods to cleanse your crystals and Healing Jewels at best >>

Healing Crystals are living creatures, as you are.
You can't transform their "personality" and vocation in a healthy way, they have to remain truth to themselves if they want to give the best of themselves to us.


I have the feeling that Crystal Healing and all the best practices around this field are overcharged by too complicated and "abstract" theories, that are just fascinating but not tested.
This is probably the result of one of the main emotional issues of today society, which is the excess of the Third Eye front Chakra. That's why stress, depression, and addictions are so common and increasing.
That means we constantly have to analyze details, thinking about techniques and structures, instead of cultivating emotional intelligence and a global vision.


Hope this article was helpful for you and you find the answers you was looking for, if not, make sure to leave your note here below, I'll reply very soon.


Thanks for being here,


BIBLIOGRAPHY: La Voie des Pierres et des Cristaux, Regina Martino.

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